Karilee Solo Competition Information and Entry Form

Online 2020 Karilee Solo Competition Entry is now available.
Entries close Friday, 14th February 2020
Music required by Friday, 21st February 2020

Please read the Karilee Solo Competition Information sheet first.

Then click the BUTTON below to open the entry form.

Using the online entry form ensures that the information we use is exactly what you entered.

When your entry is successfully sent, you will see a message on the screen and a confirmation email with your entry details will be sent to you and your coach(es).

If you need assistance to complete the form, contact Maureen (or Andrew) on (02) 6176 0389 or email karileesecretary@gmail.com.

If you are having difficulties completing the form on-line, you can “Take a screenshot” of your entry by clicking the left mouse button or click on a link to a manual entry form at the bottom of the on-line form to put in your entry.

Karilee encourages competitors to enter by the due date as late entries cannot be guaranteed acceptance.