Skills Program

In 1979, the Calisthenic Skills Program was developed by the Australian Calisthenic Federation (ACF). The Skills Program was established along similar lines to Royal Academy of Dance international ballet examination system.

In association with this initial concept, the ACF initiated and recognizes Jean Leafs’ research highlighting duty of care and the long term benefits of correctly executed calisthenics to reduce the risk of injury.

The value and necessity of the Calisthenic Skills Program is now acknowledged along with the status of achievement of our participants.

The aim of the Calisthenic Skills Program is to improve technique, strength and correct placement for movements so that candidates can continue to remain and enjoy our sport for many years.

Today the skills program is established in all the States and Territories with a Calisthenic Association and has been expanded to encompass all ages and abilities through three Test levels, four Standards, five Grades and Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals.

Hundreds of students each year all over Australia are prepared and presented for their skills examination. Calisthenics ACT run the calisthenics skills program in Term 4 each year.  ACT classes or private club classes can be attended.

The aim of the program is to develop the technical base skills of participants. A small number of lessons are attended and a syllabus of moves and routines are learnt by the girls.

The final step is an examination in groups with an adjudicator where the girls are marked on how the syllabus is presented. A variety of marks are given which range from a pass through to Honours. The program allows for individual progression and recognition of achievement in all facets of calisthenics.

Calisthenics skills are important for competitors who are working towards a National selection for solo/duo routines. You will see below the grade level that is required for the different age groups. AGE REQUIREMENTS FOR SOLO & DUOS

Skills Program Congratulations

✨Congratulations to each girl who sat their Calisthenics Skills Exam! We are so proud of your hard work and dedication to our sport.

Special thanks to Jacqueline Reber and Jossie Edmonds for organising the ACT Skills Program.

A special mention for some of our high achiever at the Grade 4 and Medals level:

Bronze Medal: Jacqueline Dunn 2019
Grade 4 Honours: Chloe Hanbury 2018
Grade 4 Honours With Distinction:
(achieved with a mark of 95+)
Jacqueline Dunn and
Josie Gaudie-Craze
Gold Medal Honours:    Rebecca Reber 2018

The skills routines and videos were updated in 2022.

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