Australian Calisthenics

Australian Calisthenics is a unique artistic dance sport. It helps participants to develop physical attributes such as strength, grace, poise, flexibility and coordination. It is very different to the exercise sport of calisthenics from around the world. Australian Calisthenics is promoted as cali-dance among younger age groups. Team work and performance skills are enhanced through concerts and participation in local and interstate competition.
Fun and fitness go hand in hand with music and rhythm. It sounds like fun doesn’t it?   It is!

Karilee Calisthenics

Karilee Tinies with Trophies from another successful year

Tinies with Trophies from another successful year

Karilee Calisthenics Inc. is an incorporated not-for-profit community calisthenics club located in the Weston Creek region on the Southside of Canberra, Australia.  Karilee is one of six calisthenics clubs in the ACT. It operates under the auspices of Calisthenics ACT and the Australian Calisthenic Federation. The club caters for girls from three years of age and boys up to the age of 14. There is no upper age limit for adult Cali-performers.
At Karilee, no-one is left out. No matter what your skill level you will be a valued member of one of our teams and you will get to perform on stage. As your skills increase, so will your role in any performance. Our highly qualified and professional coaches work creatively with music and proven coaching methods to develop the best out of each individual within the team framework.
Karilee welcomes new members. Go to Registration to get all the information you need to register as a Karilee participant. We would love you to join us for lots of fun and fitness.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop the self-esteem and confidence of all participants of our calisthenic club by providing quality coaching, respectful team support and efficient club management.

Our Aims

Our main aims are to:

(a)    provide an inclusive dance sport experience for all our participants that provides challenges and personal achievable goals to build self-esteem and confidence, encourage team commitment and promote a healthy lifestyle;

(b)    develop the capability of our coaches to guide the physical and artistic skills of our dancers in all age groups in a safe and respectful environment; and

(c)    manage our club efficiently by involving our members and drawing on their skills to support teams and serve on the committee.

Our Objects

The Karilee objectives are to:

(a)    mentor, train and provide practical experience for our coaches to develop or improve their choreographing and critiquing skills, music and rhythm appreciation, and physiological understanding;

(b)    develop the physical and artistic calisthenics skills for each participant and all age group teams by providing a quality calisthenics training program;

(c)    develop self-esteem and confidence, fellowship and sportsmanship through team involvement in an inclusive calisthenics program;

(d)    improve the flexibility, poise and grace, strength and agility, and fine motor skills for our participants;

(e)    encourage participation within the club for all members especially parents and other family members by providing opportunities to attend club or team activities (such as team concerts, presentations and end of year concert);

(f)    provide relevant guidance, support and encouragement to all volunteers;

(g)    promote, conduct and support tours or trips for competitive or training purposes, and other activities within calisthenics; and

(h)    manage the club professionally, in accord with its Constitution and Code of Conduct.

Our Performers

Our Cali-Dancers:

  • learn a wide variety of calisthenic skills
  • are members of a competing team
  • develop confidence, self esteem, coordination, flexibility, rhythm and fitness
  • develop lifelong friendships
  • learn time management and organizational skills
  • enjoy happy and positive experiences through calisthenics

Our History

Karilee Calisthenics commenced in 1979 with pupils in the Misses (Tinies), Subbies and Juniors age groups.
Ann Craig started the club so that her daughters could experience the many benefits of calisthenics that she had enjoyed as a participant in Melbourne.  The name “Karilee” is made up from the names of two of her daughters – Kari and Lee.
 After many years of commitment, Ann is thrilled that the club has grown, developed wonderful coaches from within the ranks of its pupils and boasts that in 2018 Karilee had over a 100 Cali-Dancers.
Much of the initial artistic and competitive inspiration came from Ann’s sister, Linda Chambers, who moved to Canberra in 1984. She coached and inspired directly until 1997, and remains a wonderful mentor for our coaches, who have had the privilege of her teaching and benefit of her vast knowledge and creative artistic interpretation.
Karilee was incorporated in 1991 and is now a Committee run club. Members are always welcome to come to a committee meeting or join the committee. Parents are encouraged to participate and take an interest in this recreational part of their child’s life. It is both a rewarding and bonding experience.

2014 Karilee Tinies in the Erindale Theatre dressing rooms ready for Aesthetics at the Cali-ACT Champ Comp.

2014 Karilee Tinies ready for Aesthetics at Cali-ACT Champ Comp


2016 Karilee Sub-Juniors in the Erindale Theatre dressing rooms at the Deanne Comp.

2016 Subbies at Deanne Comp


2016 Karilee Juniors at training following the Cali-ACT Champ Comp.

2016 Juniors at training


2016 Karilee Inters in the Erindale Theatre dressing rooms at Cali-ACT Prelim Comp.

2016 Karilee Inters at Cali-ACT Prelim Comp


2015 Karilee Seniors on stage performing their March routine at the Karilee Concert.

2016 Seniors at Cali-ACT Champ Comp