KEY DATES for 2024
(currently being updated)

Major events for the coming year
Note some event are marked as TBC (to be confirmed)
Links to be updated when available (N/A)
Karilee Registration during January
2024 Season registration due to open on Friday, 5th Jan 2024
Karilee Training
Start first week of school term for Tinies through to Inters
Start second week of school term for Seniors & Masters
Check team training times and venues – Teams and Times
Karilee Solo Competition: 8-11 March 2024
Entries open in January, via MyStage
make sure your registration and
Cali-ACT Fee is completed before you enter.
Entries usually close early-mid February.

Cali-ACT Preliminary Solos:
Weekend 1 – 05-07 April 2024
Weekend 2 – 12-14 April 2024

Evatt Eisteddfod:
26-28 April 2024
Cali-ACT Championship Solos:
Weekend 1 – 10-12 May 2024
Weekend 2 – 17-19 May 2024
Link to the Schedule and Program
Deanne Teams Comp: June 2024 (TBC)
Click to view the Program and Information (Link N/A yet)
Karilee Specialist Coaching: Date TBC
Hall venue TBC
Cali-ACT Prelim Teams Comp: 9-11 August 2024
Click to view the Program or Classroom Allocation (Link N/A yet)
Victorian Team Competition  
NSW Team Competitions
Stage Practice: Erindale Theatre
Thurs, 5th September 2024
Cali-ACT Champ Teams Comp
20-22 September 2024
Click to view the Program or Classroom Allocation (Link N/A yet)
Cali-ACT Skills Program
Usually held from Oct/Nov till Dec
Karilee EOY Event & Presentation – usually Nov 2024 (TBC)  
Karilee EOY Dinner – Nov-Dec 2024 (TBC)