Ann Craig Award

Inspired Ann Craig who was the Karilee founder, the Karilee Committee initiated the “Ann Craig Award” in 2012 while Malcolm Robertson was the president. Although the Karilee Committee calls for nominations for this prestigious award in August or September each year, it is not expected to be awarded each year as it requires continued exceptional service and long term commitment from our life members.

The Ann Craig Award is bestowed upon Life Members who continue to provide exceptional service and commitment to the club long after being awarded a Karilee Life Membership.

Below are the Karilee Life Members who have had the honour of being awarded the Ann Craig Award.

Ann Craig Award for Exceptional Services

Initiated in 2012 by the Karilee Committee

2012Pat Arnold

2012 Ann Craig Award - Pat ArnoldPat Arnold was the first recipient of the Ann Craig Award for her years of service to Karilee.

Pat was the Wardrobe Coordinator for about 20 years, from 1994 until 2010.

This included making costumes for Karilee as well as for the Cali-ACT representatives.

Both her daughters, Kate and Liz did calisthenics and coached for Karilee for many years.

2014Jane Faulder

2014 Ann Craig Award - Jane FaulderJane Faulder was the second recipient of the Ann Craig Award for contribution as a participant, committee member and treasurer for 11 years from 2003 until 2013.

We congratulate and thank Jane for her tremendous contribution to Karilee.

Jane has returned to Karilee after 20 continuous year with Karilee and now competes in our Masters Team.

2016Mandy Blyton


2017Jacqui Reber


2019Rachel Holdway
Rachel has a remarkable history at all levels of our wonderful sport of calisthenics and within the Karilee Calisthenics Club. Rachel was awarded Life Membership, sometime between 2005 and 2009.  

For more information about Rachel’s contribution to Karilee and Calisthenics click on this link to view her Ann Craig Award nomination.

Following Rachel being awarded Life Membership, Rachel has continued to provide exception service to Karilee by coaching both Tines and Subbies until the end of 2018 and continues to coach Subbies. Rachel has also held the position of Head Coach since 2017.

Rachel’s passion for calisthenics is truly inspiring; she is a worthy recipient of the Ann Craig Award.