Register to join the Karilee Team.

Karilee Calisthenics Inc. welcomes new and returning participants to register for the coming season.

Registrations are done during January each year and training starts on the first week of the school term.

Although we do accept new members throughout the year, it is best to register and commence activities as early as possible in the year.
Late registrations need the approval of our Head Coach and the Team’s Principle Coach.

All registration forms are required to be submitted on or before the first training session.

Go to the Team & Times page for Team training times and locations as well as coaching and management details.

Our competition year starts with a teams practice competition in June run by Deanne Calisthenics and is followed by two Cali-ACT Team competitions in August and September each year. Karilee also competes interstate in October or early November. To finish off the year Karilee runs an all age group club concert that is usually held in November and a club dinner in December. For Karilee events and Competition dates go to our Key Dates page.

Check costs

Please read our Season Fees information to check how much it costs or to pay for your registration.

Payments can be made in full at the start of the year.  Alternatively, we will issue 3 invoices (Feb, May & August) each covering 1/3 of the set fees above (2020 Season Fee & Interstate Trip Fee).

If paying your fees progressively throughout the year Karilee recommends you pay by setting up regular payments from your bank account or you can set up a payment plan with the Karilee Treasurer.

We ask that you make your first payment, either the full season or Term 1 amount, or your first regular payment on your payment plan on or before the first training lesson.

Your first payment includes the cost of the Cali-ACT participants fee (primarily an insurance cover). This fee is required to be pay for all participants before they can commence training.

How to register

First Read the Karilee Season Fees instructions. Then view and download all Karilee Registration forms.

These document options Document options appear at the top of each form; use the document icon with the down arrow to download the file, then save to your computer or device. Please add your surname to the saved file. Please read all forms carefully before completing.

Please note: Most of the forms have remained the same as last year, so if you have kept an electronic copy of your registration forms you may be able to re-use most of these forms. Please ensure all details and dates are correct and rename the file before submitting your forms.

The 2020 Privacy Form will need to be completed for 2020 as it has changed since 2019 to allow Karilee to report video and photography permissions to Calisthenics ACT.

How to use forms

  • Before you can add your details, you need  to download the forms by clicking on the down arrow ⇓ at the top or bottom of the form below, then SAVE the forms to your computer.
  • Open the downloaded forms with Microsoft Edge (Windows 10) or another PDF Reader like Foxit Reader for either a PC or a Mac.
    The free version of Foxit Reader can be downloaded from
  • If using on a smartphone or tablet, try Foxit PDF Reader & Editor from Google Play or Apple store.
  • Fill in the highlighted fields in each of the documents.
  • Use the SAVE AS command to keep a copy of each of your completed registration forms.
  • Please include the participant’s name and age group in the file name.

Submitting your forms

Our registration forms are designed to be completed on your computer so you can either:

  • attach the completed registration forms to an email and send them to the Karilee Registrar at (this is the preferred method to submit forms)
  • complete, print and give them to your Team Manager during the first week of training.

Family Code of Conduct

The Family Code of Conduct forms are signed at home. Karilee encourages the family to discuss these conduct codes with their child or guardian. This is to ensure that the families joining or renewing within Karilee are fully aware of their responsibility.      

Participants Code of Conduct

The Participants Code of Conduct forms are signed following a coach’s briefing session at an early training session. This is to ensure that participants are fully aware of their responsibility as a team member within Karilee.

Need Help

The method of accessing the Registration Forms may vary with different settings and web browsers.

If you need assistance to access these forms, please email Maureen at

Forms could then be emailed to you if unable to download.